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What is the TeachersFirst Blog?

The TeachersFirst blog should be on every teacher’s reading list. It is a place to get short yet very informative articles on how to integrate web-based resources into your classroom.  Our blog authors demystify edtech jargon and encourage teachers to continue to develop themselves professionally.  An eclectic collection of materials for self-directed teachers, this blog will inspire you to try new methods in your instruction while explaining both how and why you should.

Why should you visit?

The TeachersFirst blog is meant to be an edtech “snack,” going a step beyond our collections of reviewed web-based resources.  Building on our team’s foundation of identifying free web-based resources that can be used in the classroom, our blog gives lesson-based ideas on how to use those resources. If you are struggling with how to bring all the pieces of a technology integrated lesson together, you can come to the blog to find the encouragement to persevere.  While reading, you will also find answers to some basic edtech questions and directions for your next steps in the edtech journey.  Whether you are a new teacher or a veteran, you’ll find a reason to keep reading.