Celebrating the Power of Geekness: Bringing It into the Classroom and Beyond!

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Yesterday was Embrace Your Geekness Day, a special occasion dedicated to celebrating the power of being a geek and embracing our unique identities tied to geekdom. Whether you geek out over superheroes, science fiction, educational technology, or any other niche, it’s a reminder that our passions and interests make us who we are, and they should be accepted and celebrated. As educators, this day presents a valuable opportunity to weave geekness into our teaching practices, fostering an inclusive and engaging learning environment. Here are some ideas on how you can continue to embrace your geekness beyond this special day:

  • Rediscover with Your Geeky Passions: Take a moment to reflect on the geeky passions that ignite your excitement. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy novels, an avid gamer, or a collector of comic books, Embrace Your Geekness Day provides the perfect occasion to immerse yourself in these passions once again. Dust off your favorite book, engage in a gaming session, or dive into a marathon of your beloved sci-fi series. Permit yourself to indulge in the geeky activities that bring you joy.
  • Embrace Diversity in Geek Culture and Take it Back to the Classroom: Geek culture is a vibrant tapestry woven with countless threads of diverse fandoms, interests, and perspectives. As educators, it is essential for us to recognize and celebrate the rich diversity within geek culture, ensuring that all students feel seen, heard, and represented. By showcasing a range of diverse interests and stories, and by amplifying underrepresented voices and characters, we can create a classroom environment that celebrates and honors the unique experiences and passions of all students.
  • Connect with Fellow Geeks: Geekness is often at its best when shared with others who share similar interests. Seek out communities, whether online or offline, where you can connect with fellow educators who share your geeky passions. Join forums or social media groups, or attend meet-ups and conferences focused on your specific geeky interests. Sharing experiences, tips, and stories with like-minded individuals can be an incredible source of inspiration and rejuvenation.
  • Share Your Geekness with Colleagues: Don’t keep your geekness a secret; share it proudly with your colleagues! Embrace Your Geekness Day can be an opportunity to foster camaraderie among teachers. Organize a geek-themed lunch or a virtual hangout where everyone can showcase their geeky passions and engage in lively discussions. By sharing your geekness, you encourage others to embrace their own unique interests and create a more inclusive and accepting environment within your school community.

So teachers, remember to take time for yourself and celebrate the unique passions that make you who you are. Embracing your geekness is not only about inspiring students but also about nurturing your own well-being and fulfillment. Let’s continue to celebrate the power of geekness in education and beyond! Happy Embrace Your Geekness Day!

About the author: Erica De Los Santos

Erica De Los Santos is a Learning Experience Designer with a wide range of experiences in education. From her work in the Peace Corps, to helping teachers as a SEL and Cultural Proficiency and Inclusiveness Specialist, she has developed a deep understanding of pedagogical practices that help teachers to propel all students to academic success. When she’s not working on classroom applications, Erica enjoys running and works to develop inclusive environments for other runners.

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