Is it Time to Evaluate Your Digital Learning Practices?

This year is the 10th annual celebration of Digital Learning Day. On February 25, educators will participate in an online celebration of ideas, stories, and promising practices related to incorporating digital learning into everyday instruction in schools. Using #DLDay and #DLDay2021 on Twitter and Instagram, educators collaborate and share new ideas, tools, and strategies for … read more »

Get Involved In Digital Learning Day!

 This year Digital Learning Day takes place on February 27! According to the Alliance for Excellent Education, “Digital Learning Day was started as a way to actively spread innovative practices and ensure that all youth have access to high-quality digital learning no matter where they live.” They define digital learning as “any instructional practice … read more »

Last Minute Digital Learning Day No-Tech Resources…You Can Do This!

It never fails! It is Digital Learning Day; you’ve planned your lessons and excitement is building for all of your well thought out activities implementing technology. You prepared carefully, making sure websites work, student passwords and logins are readily available, nothing is forgotten. Then what happens? The internet is down for the day, smart boards … read more »

10 Edge Resources for Digital Learning Day

Mark your calendar to celebrate Digital Learning Day this February 23 with educators from around the globe. This day highlights excellent teaching with technology and promotes the use of digital learning tools to improve the learning experience of our students. Digital Learning Day 2017 (#DLDay) provides an excellent opportunity to try a new digital tool … read more »

Teach Your Students to be Global Digital Citizens!

What is a Global digital citizen? According to Lee Watanabe-Crockett, “A Global Digital Citizen is a responsible, ethical citizen, leveraging technology to foster community on a global scale through connection and compassion.” Global digital citizenship embodies 5 tenets: personal responsibility, global citizenship, digital citizenship, altruistic service, and environmental stewardship. The internet has amazing potential to … read more »