Captain Critique’s War on Fake News: Join the Fight!

Technology has transformed how information is accessed and shared, bringing opportunities and challenges to our classrooms. In this wild west of the Internet, as educators, we find ourselves in serious need of superhero skills to empower students to thrive in a dynamic and interconnected world – where misinformation lurks in the shadows, emojis function as … read more »

Fake News – What can we do about it?

80% of middle schoolers mistake sponsored content for real news 3 in 4 students can’t distinguish between real and fake news on Facebook Fewer than 1 in 3 students are skeptical of biased news sources (ISTE Fake News Infographic 2017) As educators, what can we do to make sure our students are not counted as … read more »

Going Beyond Fake News to Information Literacy

Fake news and stories about fake news are everywhere right now. In a recent blog post, I shared criteria for judging online resources, including news stories, using the CRAAP test. However, since this topic is of critical importance to our students, it merits another look. In fact, digitally literate teachers who teach their students to … read more »

News…is it real or is it fake? Media Literacy Today

The New York Times was first published on September 18, 1851! The world was a very different place then. Today the words Fake News are a stark reminder of the amount of information our students receive every day. How can we help our students know what is real and what is fake? By teaching Media Literacy. According … read more »

Bad News for Online Disinformation

June 30 is the 10th anniversary of the recognition of Social Media Day. Although every day is Social Media Day, this date points out the importance of thinking about the impact of social media on our lives. Also, it is imperative that we include thinking about how we teach the responsible use of social media … read more »