Powerful Collaboration: Library and Art

In honor of Georgia O’Keeffe’s birthday, let’s talk about the many ways school librarians and art teachers can collaborate. Librarian and teacher collaboration is a must for school librarians! Collaboration provides teachers, librarians, and students with new opportunities, resources, and ideas. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Start small! Collaborate by helping the art teacher … read more »

Back to School in Your Library!

It’s August, which means most school librarians are back to school or gearing up to be back to school! No one yet knows what this school year will bring. The past two years have looked very different from normal. Planning can re-energize you and your school library! Whether you use a checklist to stay on … read more »

Celebrate School Library Month!

April is School Library Month! The first School Library Month took place in 1985 with the theme “Where Learning Never Ends: The School Library Media Center” and was spearheaded by Lucille Thomas, chair of the School Library Media Month Committee. This year, choose your own theme to celebrate School Library Month! The American Association of … read more »

Strategies for Boosting Reading Engagement Through Your School Library

Providing reading materials for classrooms and students is a mainstay for school libraries. There are many strategies available to school librarians to boost reading throughout their schools, which in turn increases circulation – always a good thing for the school library program. The impact of school libraries and school librarians on reading and literacy in … read more »

Celebrating 220 Years of the Library of Congress!

 The Library of Congress was founded on April 24, 1800, to provide books for Congress’s use. Over time, its mission expanded, allowing it to be viewed as a national institution and, therefore, the national library. The current building was completed and opened to the public in 1897. Since then, the library’s offerings and resources … read more »