What Can Your Public Library Do for You?

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What can your public library do for you as a teacher or school librarian? Schools and public libraries working together is a winning combination! Public libraries offer a wide variety of services as well as learning, programming, and collaboration opportunities for teachers and school librarians. Finding your closest public library is a breeze with the public library locator tool.

Public libraries can be an amazing teacher resource, especially when a school lacks a librarian. The services offered by public libraries vary. Many local libraries provide teacher library cards, allowing teachers to check out more library books than regular library cards. This will enable teachers to supplement their classroom libraries with digital and print books from the public library collection. Some public libraries even offer themed kits for teachers to teach STEAM and other topic-based lessons. Public libraries provide classroom visits for public library introduction, story hours, and research. Many creative public libraries offer surprising opportunities that are out of the box. The resources may vary by age group of students from early childhood to elementary, middle, and high schools. You can even teach a lesson about public libraries or librarians to excite your students about using the library!

School libraries and public libraries are collaborating in new and exciting ways! It’s not just about sharing resources but also about programming, summer reading, family connections, supporting teachers, and more. The AASL/ALSC/YALSA Interdivisional Committee on School/Public Library Cooperation has created a collaboration tool kit to get you started! Reach out to your local public library to get the conversation started.

Public libraries are a fantastic school resource. As always, utilize TeachersFirst resources and blog posts for more helpful ideas. Check out your local library today!

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