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As we approach Book Lovers Day, an occasion to celebrate our shared passion for literature, it’s the perfect time to ignite the love for books in our students. In this digital age, where distractions are aplenty, let’s take this opportunity to unplug and immerse ourselves in the world of literature. Here are five ideas on how to celebrate this special day and foster a love of reading in ourselves and our students:

Create a Book Review:

Challenge your students to engage with their favorite books by submitting book reviews to a new or favorite book review platform like Bookopolis (reviewed here), BiblioNasium (reviewed here), LitPick (reviewed here), or YA Books Central (reviewed here). Suppose your student isn’t comfortable with community platforms; in that case, they can post to their journal like Penzu (reviewed here) or an instant blog platform like Telegra.ph (reviewed here) or JustPasteIt (reviewed here). They can also create short video reviews using tools like Microsoft Flip (reviewed here), ClipChamp (reviewed here), and other recording apps and share them as appropriate on social media. You can guide your students in structuring their reviews, highlighting essential elements such as plot summary, character analysis, and personal reflections.

Book Club Meeting

Organize a Book Club meeting with your students on Book Lovers Day. If there’s an existing group, plan a special gathering where members can discuss their recent literary adventures. Make it more enjoyable by turning it into a “potluck,” where everyone brings a snack to share related to their favorite book. Ask students to suggest books for the Book Club to read together, and let them take turns leading the discussion.

Visit a Bookstore or Library

If summer vacations are still in full swing, suggest your student go on a field trip to a bookstore or library. Surrounding themselves with fellow book lovers and exploring new titles can be inspiring. They might even strike up conversations with other readers and make new friends who share their literary interests. The children’s librarian might even help you organize a scavenger hunt in the library, where they have to find books from different genres or authors. You can always gamify it to add an element of fun.

Reading in Nature

Self-care is essential, even for young minds. Suggest your students take their favorite books and spend quality time in nature. They can head to a serene forest or a beautiful botanical garden, where they can read without distractions. Studies show that spending time in nature can have numerous health benefits and enhance one’s connection to the environment. If you have a small group, organizing a reading picnic in a nearby park might be fun, where students can bring their books and enjoy nature together.

Sharing through Little Free Libraries

Give back to the community by sharing the love of reading. Suggest your students leave a few books at their local Little Free Library. These community book-sharing hubs are a fantastic way to spread the joy of reading and make books accessible to all. You could also turn this into a service learning opportunity by having students organize a book drive in your school or community and encouraging everyone to donate gently used books to Little Free Libraries.

Let’s lead by example and participate wholeheartedly in Book Lovers Day activities. By showing our enthusiasm for reading, we can inspire the next generation to embrace the world of literature. Let’s make it a day of pure immersion in the magic of storytelling, free from distractions and filled with the joy of sharing our love for books.

*Note: We celebrate Book Lovers Day on August 9th. However, feel free to celebrate these activities on any day that suits your schedule.*

About the author: Ruth Okoye

Dr. Ruth Okoye is the Director of K12 Initiatives at The Source for Learning. As a long-time technology coach, Ruth shares ideas and strategies for professional learning and thoughts on how to motivate yourself to “dig deeper” into educational technologies.

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