Discover the U.S. Patent Office for Kids

Did you know that many of the very first government departments, established by our first President, George Washington, remain in place today? On April 10, 1790, just under a year after his inauguration, President Washington signed a bill placing the foundation for our current patent system. This law, for the first time, gave the rights … read more »

America Recycles Day

It seems that every day of the year has a special event, although most are relatively obscure. For example, these events all take place this November 15 according to the National Day Calendar: National Bundt (Pan) Day National Philanthropy Day National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day National Raisin Bran Cereal … read more »

Empowering Students; the Classroom as Library

While the month of April brings thoughts of spring showers and May flowers, for this school librarian, April reminds me of National Library Week  and its companion, School Library Month. I love the fact that there is a special time of the year dedicated to libraries. You don’t have to convince Americans that their libraries are important. Over … read more »

Have You Heard? Nothing Could Be More Absurd…In Memory of Seymour Papert

Twice a month we devote blog posts to powerful quotes. We offer short discussions of how they impact us personally, professionally and, most importantly, how they apply to our area of expertise, effective technology implementation in the classroom. This week we chose a quote from the legendary educational theorist, Seymour Papert, MIT mathematician, computer scientist, and … read more »