Keep the Spirit of Invention Alive in Your Classroom

This week we celebrated Kid Inventors Day! As we experienced, Kid Inventors Day activities bring creativity, problem-solving, and fun into your classroom. So let’s keep the momentum going. If you have been looking for a low-barrier entry point to bring STEAM and Maker Education into your classroom, kid inventor activities are for you! What can … read more »

Quick Tips for Celebrating Kid Inventor’s Day

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” – Thomas Edison Did you resolve to implement something new into your classroom this year? Or perhaps you want to continue building on something you have already started? If so, you might want to consider celebrating Kid Inventors’ Day on January 17 with … read more »

Tech Tool of the Month: Along

Along is a tool that provides reflection activities, digital check-in activities, and ideas to use with students that incorporate text, audio, and/or video. Students can choose which format they want to use to share their responses. Educators can share questions with some or all of their students to make connections and check in on their wellness. … read more »

Creating a Sandbox of Innovation

Spring signifies new beginnings, progress, and the blossoming of new things. But did you know that May is also National Inventors Month? If it weren’t for inventors, you might be receiving this post through the telegraph or the Pony Express! National Inventor’s Month recognizes the talents of people who have impacted our world with their … read more »

Thinking Like Da Vinci

Although it has been five hundred and seventy years since his birth, Leonardo da Vinci’s impact on the world continues. He is probably best known for his painting, the Mona Lisa; however, his genius carried across many different disciplines, making him known as a true “Renaissance Man.” In addition to art, Da Vinci is also known … read more »