Let’s Talk About: Ma Rainey

June is African American Music Month. Well-meaning teachers may take this as an opportunity to introduce a lesson about African American music. However, without context or connection to the curriculum, the class might fall flat and not engage students as intended. I want to suggest a more culturally responsive approach. Reading Teach Boldly for the … read more »

Celebrate International Museum Day!

International Museum Day takes place on May 18th! This year’s theme is “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine.” National and local museums are amazing educational resources. Museums provide access to primary sources, in-person and virtual tours, lesson plans, educational resources, topic experts, and more. Today’s museums are a window into our past and can … read more »

Let’s Talk About Spoken Word Poetry

TeachersFirst®️ hosts a book study at least twice a year – a deep dive into integrating technology in the classroom. We are currently studying Michelle Eaton’s The Perfect Blend and discussing how to create blended learning experiences while teaching remotely. This week, we’ve discussed several roadblocks – student motivation, simulating different spaces, and lesson organization. … read more »

Be a Sport! Lessons for Increasing Literacy Using Sports Heroes

One method for engaging reluctant readers is to provide books and activities that connect to their interests and passions. Making this connection is especially helpful when introducing nonfiction reading materials to students. Matching the appropriate books and articles to individual students takes time but provides long-term rewards, such as increased interest in reading.  Many students … read more »

Celebrate Buffalo Soldiers Day!

 July 28th is Buffalo Soldiers Day. Officially recognized in 1992, it commemorates the 1866 formation of six cavalry and infantry regiments of African American soldiers after Congress passed the Army Reorganization Act. Buffalo Soldiers were African American soldiers who served on the Western Frontier after the Civil War. The name Buffalo Soldiers is said … read more »