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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the power (and words) packed within a comic strip of engaging pictures. Comics allow you to differentiate and meet the needs of more students, especially your kinesthetic learners. You can use comics to empower struggling readers with less text. September 25th is National Comic Book Day. My goal this month was to share a useful and powerful comic creating tech tool. The catch was to find one that was free, appropriate for kids and teenagers, and fairly simple to use.

The comic tool creator that I chose to share is No account is necessary to begin. Simply choose your characters (people, aliens, or animals), add a background (they have over 40 to choose from), and add your dialog bubbles. You can add additional scenes. Click “Finished” when you are done with that particular scene. You will be given a link that you can use to print your comic or upload it to your document, website, or anywhere else that you can insert an image.

As a teacher, create comics to engage your students in learning. Create a comic to share on your website for students and parents. Share difficult concepts in fewer words, allowing the pictures to explain. Introduce yourself to your students using a comic strip. Create comics together with your students to demonstrate this tool.

Allow your students to work independently or with a partner to create comics to demonstrate their learning at the end of the unit. ESL/ELL and world language students can use a comic to create dialog strips in different languages. Have your students create comics rather than a traditional book report. Challenge students to use the comics to summarize or retell the story. Have students read and share their comics with the class. For even more classroom ideas, see the TeachersFirst review for

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Melissa Henning is the Educational Content Manager for Source for Learning, the non-profit parent company of TeachersFirst. She has over 16 years of experience in education. Melissa is a frequent presenter at national and regional conferences.

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