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Do you remember our “chats” (I use that term very loosely considering it was a one-sided blog post!) about the social learning theory?  If not, brush up here or here.  Ok, now that you’re an expert, let’s continue down that educational path.  We discussed the importance of collaboration within your classroom, but there are many ways to achieve that.  In this blog post, I’m going to feature three tech tools to facilitate social learning.  The tools are impressive, but try also to focus on the functionality of the tool.  This will allow you to plan a comprehensive lesson that provides students with learning opportunities to engage in collaborative practice.

  1. Flipgrid:

Flipgrid is a video discussion tool with capabilities for sharing student responses through video.  In big bold letters their website actually says “Social learning for everyone”.  This tool is also marketed as being “super simple” and “super powerful”.  The possibilities are endless, with the premise being to spark discussion and collaborative learning.  This is definitely a tool worth checking out if you are looking to promote student voice, engagement, dialogue, and collaboration.

  1. Quizlet Live:

You may be familiar with Quizlet, created by the same company.  The difference on this one is that sutdents are assigned to teams… collaboration, yes!  This tool facilitates cooperative learning activities in a gamified manner. Work together, enhance communication, reinforce vocabulary, and achieve mastery.

  1. Padlet:

Contribution is the key to Padlet.  Give each and every student a voice in the classroom.  Foster collaboration and higher order thinking as students post and comment on a topic.  The teacher makes an eye-catching board and invites students.  Students make the text come alive, and share their creations.  It’s easy… and a powerful tech tool.

So, what do you think?  Step outside the box and try a new tech tool—and let us know how it goes!

About the author: Katy Garvey

Katy Garvey is the Social Learning Manager for Source for Learning, the non-profit parent company of TeachersFirst. She began her education career teaching Spanish before entering into administration. A former middle school principal, Katy spends her free time exercising and with her family.

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