Celebrate Women’s History Month!

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March is Women’s History Month! The 2022 theme is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate women and their role in history and the world. Quality resources for teaching Women’s History Month are plentiful!

Reading a book is a great way to learn more about women’s history! There are great books about women for all age groups. Picture books abound about women doing great things. The Social Justice Books site offers a book a day for Women’s History Month, and Colorin Colorado curated a diverse reading list with resources to supplement your classroom read-aloud.

Primary sources are a fascinating way to bring women’s history to the forefront of your classroom. Pictures, journals, advertisements, and audio recordings bring history to life for your students. The Library of Congress has organized various classroom resources around women’s history topics with lesson plans for easy use. Digital collections make it easy for students to find something about women’s history that interests them. Lesson plans about news stories make women’s history current.

Women’s history offers a wide variety of topics to explore in your classroom. Even the history behind Women’s History Month can be a whole lesson! Whether you are exploring women’s history in the United States or taking a broader view, women’s history is everywhere. Choose a more specific topic to teach about that takes place in March, like Barbie’s birthday, Harriet Tubman’s birthday, or International Women’s Day. Women’s history doesn’t have to be celebrated only in March! Every month has a day that connects to women’s history. Celebrate women every day for the heroes that they are!

Celebrate Women’s History Month in your classroom! As always, TeachersFirst offers a variety of classroom resources about women. Also, check out the TeachersFirst blog for even more resources. Have a favorite women’s history lesson idea you use in the classroom? Please share it in the comments below.

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