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Computer Science Education Week takes place December 4-10. During this week, the Hour of Code is celebrated globally! The Hour of Code is meant to be a one-hour introduction to computer science designed to demonstrate to everyone that coding is accessible and to engage student participation in computer science. This year’s theme is Creativity with AI!

The Hour of Code is designed so that every teacher can participate regardless of the subject they teach or the amount of coding experience they have. Planning for the Hour of Code is made easy with the variety of resources available, including a step-by-step participation guide. Promoting your Hour of Code can even involve other teachers or your whole school and excite your students.

To alleviate any anxiety about helping your students during your Hour of Code event, it is best to try out the coding activities beforehand. There is a general Hour of Code lesson plan available. Differently abled students can participate in Hour of Code with some adaptations and assistive technology. If you have further questions or encounter issues, check out the Hour of Code FAQ or teacher forum. Planning your Hour of Code can be part of the fun!

Numerous Hour of Code activities are available for students of all ages or subject areas. Even without access to computers, you can still participate in the Hour of Code using unplugged activities that teach computer science concepts without using a computer. Starting with coding vocabulary can be tremendously helpful for students who have not previously coded. Activities are available for every grade level, from elementary to high school, including a Disney-themed coding activity and subject-specific activities such as 3D modeling, physical education, visual arts, music, and more. Skilled coders can even participate in a competition. Everyone can keep the coding going even after the Hour of Code!

Hour of Code is an excellent opportunity to introduce your students to the world of computer science. Make sure to use this week’s TeachersFirst featured sites for more coding resources for your classroom. Enjoy your Hour of Code!

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