Strategies for Boosting Reading Engagement Through Your School Library

Providing reading materials for classrooms and students is a mainstay for school libraries. There are many strategies available to school librarians to boost reading throughout their schools, which in turn increases circulation – always a good thing for the school library program. The impact of school libraries and school librarians on reading and literacy in … read more »

Tech Tool of the Month: Reading Treks

I have heard it said that books open the world to students. This month our tech tool proves that saying to be true. In honor of Read a New Book Month (happening every December), I chose a tech tool that related to reading books. Reading Treks, a TeachersFirst original, offers students the chance to visit … read more »

National Family Literacy Day and Remote Learning

Our current situation has magnified the importance of connecting with our students’ families and the community, but it’s a crucial time to help families connect with their children. Caregivers and parents play a critical role in a child’s literacy development. Much has fallen in our students’ families’ laps as they navigate the challenges of remote … read more »

Differentiation for the School Librarian

Differentiating instruction is defined as “shaking up” what goes on in the classroom so that students have multiple options for taking in information, making sense of ideas, and expressing what they learn” according to Carol Ann Tomlinson. This can be achieved through a process called Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The UDL process emphasizes representation … read more »

Let’s Talk About: International Literacy Day

On September 8th, UNESCO asks us to pause to recognize the challenge of literacy as a human rights issue. This year, International Literacy Day events will focus on the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on teaching literacy.  Literacy and problems associated with it are a significant part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  The … read more »