Reading and Winter Break

Winter break, a time for rest, relaxation, and reading! Students may not think of reading as their favorite use of time over break, but you can change that. Helping students formulate a plan and get excited about their reading choices will go a long way. Student reading choice is an important factor in encouraging students … read more »

Winter Break Boredom Buster: No-Stress Activities for Students of Any Age

Winter break is coming soon. It is a wonderful time to enjoy the holidays with family, clear the mind, and take stock of the upcoming new year. Most adults appreciate the opportunity to take some time off, but often we hear from our children that they are bored.  Here are some family-friendly, low-stress suggestions to … read more »

Cross-Curricular Lesson Ideas for the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is the time of ending and beginning, a powerful time — a time to contemplate your immortality. A time to forgive, to be forgiven, and to make a fresh start. A time to awaken. Frederick Lenz It isn’t always possible to create well-developed cross-curricular lessons based upon a single theme. Still, many … read more »

Happy Holiday Reading!

First published on December 19th in 1843, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is still popular today. Holiday reading is just the right thing to get everyone in the holiday spirit! In Iceland, everyone celebrates Jolabokaflod (pronounced yo-la-bok-a-flot). The holiday season is signaled by the arrival of the Bokatidindi—a catalog of every new book published … read more »