Comic Approach to Reading: Graphic Novels

Comic books once were considered the worst things kids could read. Lots of irresistible issues were hidden under beds or between the covers of textbooks. Many comic books were banned because of their ephemeral nature, graphical format, and often mature and violent content. Think of those lurid covers featuring a scantily-clad, buxom girl in the … read more »

Summertime and the Reading Is Easy

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” Henry James. Ah, summertime and the reading is easy. Finally, time for teachers to read something just for fun. Nothing is more enjoyable than sitting under a tree with a cool drink and a good book written … read more »

Who are the contributors?

Karen Streeter Karen Streeter is a former Instructional Technology Supervisor.  Karen brings us the Ed Tech Temperature Check – explaining edtech buzzwords, sharing tech tips and tricks, and summarizing books that should be on your edtech shelf. Sharon Hall Sharon Hall was a recipient of the Presidential Award of Excellence in Math teaching. With over … read more »