What’s the Buzz: Instructional Technology Frameworks Part 1

After the VSTE annual conference, I’ve done a lot of thinking about frameworks. One of the Keynote presentations introduced a framework that was new to me and then questioned the continued use of structures like SAMR. I had to do some reflection, because here at TeachersFirst we use the SAMR model a lot.   I … read more »

All about Me and Other People, Using Biographies in Instruction

The start of the school years is a time to get to know our students. Perennial favorite activities other than “what I did on my summer vacation” essays are “all about me” assignments. As students take a look at their own lives, this is a perfect time to add biographies to your class lessons. Reading … read more »

Ben Franklin’s Backstory as “Herstory”

Every summer around Independence Day, Benjamin Franklin and his importance to the birth of our nation are popular online searches. But many do not know that a quartet of women related to this founding father had useful, noteworthy lives themselves. We often hear little about the women who supported their more famous kin. Learning about … read more »

Being Resourceful Part Five, Invisible Web of U.S. Government Information

Several months back we began discussing research. Now, let’s take a look at the best resources that students and teachers can use to meet their information requirements. The research process begins with a motivation, either personal or external, such as a class assignment. The best class assignments are authentic tasks,  problems the learner must solve doing real-life activities … read more »