We Have Liftoff! Using Better Lesson to Teach About Space and the Moon

Did you know that dust busters, wireless headsets, and invisible braces link back to inventions initially intended for use in space? This interesting USA Today article shares more everyday innovations created for space use. July 20 is Space Exploration Day and Moon Day, which coincides with the annual commemoration of the first moon landing in 1969, Apollo … read more »

Tech Tool of the Month: Flipgrid Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog, we introduced you to Flipgrid and discussed the application of both the SAMR Model and the Triple E Framework to help you integrate Flipgrid into your instruction. Today’s post offers detailed instructions about how to use this tool and also shares classroom use ideas by subject.   How to … read more »

Celebrating 220 Years of the Library of Congress!

 The Library of Congress was founded on April 24, 1800, to provide books for Congress’s use. Over time, its mission expanded, allowing it to be viewed as a national institution and, therefore, the national library. The current building was completed and opened to the public in 1897. Since then, the library’s offerings and resources … read more »

Engaging Students with Scavenger Hunts

You might not know that August 19 is Geocaching Day. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt where players use GPS devices to find hidden containers located around the world. Hidden locations vary from easy to find areas to those that are more isolated and involve planning and preparation to access the site. Items found in … read more »

Tech Tool of the Month: WriteReader

In honor of World Storytelling Day (celebrated on March 20th), the tech tool of the month for March is WriteReader. If you aren’t familiar with World Storytelling Day, it is a global celebration of oral storytelling! On this day, people are encouraged to tell and listen to stories in as many languages as possible (and … read more »