Strategies to Increase Teen Self Esteem During Remote Learning

Did you know that May is Mental Health Month? Mental Health America and its affiliates have spent this month raising awareness since 1949, but it’s a particularly important topic today. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted our students’ lives. Everyday experiences that helped build their self-esteem suddenly shifted to school closures, social distancing, quarantines, and remote … read more »

Station Rotation and Remote Learning

COVID-19 forced schools and teachers to adapt and find ways to teach our students through remote learning opportunities. Learning is multi-dimensional, and remote learning added another layer of complexity. The pandemic has been difficult for families, students, and teachers. Everyone has shown resilience, perseverance, and flexibility – and to make the best of our current … read more »

Virtual Inauguration? Create a Virtual Lesson with Bitmojis!

The Constitution initially established March 4 as Inauguration Day in the United States. This date allowed enough time for an orderly transition of power and for all newly-elected candidates to travel to the capital. In 1933, after advances in communication and transportation made the long wait until March unnecessary, the date moved to January 20 … read more »

National Family Literacy Day and Remote Learning

Our current situation has magnified the importance of connecting with our students’ families and the community, but it’s a crucial time to help families connect with their children. Caregivers and parents play a critical role in a child’s literacy development. Much has fallen in our students’ families’ laps as they navigate the challenges of remote … read more »

School Librarians Stepping Up During Virtual Learning

School librarians and school libraries are essential in school buildings today. What happens when schools go virtual? School Librarians step up! How can you as a School Librarian step up your virtual learning game? Besides staying abreast of school library news and blogs, staying connected with your school community is fundamental. School Librarians are reimagining … read more »