Celebrate International Museum Day!

International Museum Day takes place on May 18th! This year’s theme is “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine.” National and local museums are amazing educational resources. Museums provide access to primary sources, in-person and virtual tours, lesson plans, educational resources, topic experts, and more. Today’s museums are a window into our past and can … read more »

International Museum Day, Let’s Go For a Virtual Visit!

May 18 is International Museum Day; however, not everyone has access to a museum to visit. So what do you do? Take a virtual visit, of course! If you read Ruth Okoye’s recent blog on virtual field trips you already have lots of ideas with places to visit and how to make the most of … read more »

10 Dictionaries That Enhance and Engage Students in Learning

Noah Webster is broadly considered to be the father of the American dictionary. In his honor, October 12 commemorates National Dictionary Day, his birthdate. This date marks learning and encourages readers to improve vocabulary. Most classrooms now rely on digital dictionaries to look up word meanings. Digital dictionaries are easy to use and provide information … read more »

Classic Children’s Literature and Classroom Reading Lists

Modernizing traditional reading lists for diverse learners is an issue that many educators are currently debating. This post is not intended to rehash the “choice versus canon” debate but to give you resources to inform your decision-making process in this area. Classics in the classroom have been a staple for many years. Rethinking reading lists … read more »