Being Resourceful Part Two: Reliable Sources and C.R.A.A.P.

Evaluating resources, in any medium, is a critical thinking skill for information literacy, media literacy, or digital citizenship.  Of course, it is also part of educational state standards patterned after the Common Core.  They emphasize reading, writing, and speaking grounded in evidence from texts. In a discussion of the key shifts in the standards, the … read more »

What’s the Buzz: Active Learning

Sometimes, when thinking about educational buzzwords, we only think about student applications.  As a coach, I realize that I need to apply the same concept when working with adults.  Active Learning is a concept that applies when working with adults as well as with children. As educators, we pick up and use buzzwords all the … read more »

Being Re-sourceful, When More Is Not Better, Part One

In today’s world of instant information, students often are overwhelmed by the myriad of resources available to support research assignments. When teaching students to use search engines, I emphasize the importance of asking the right questions, finding the best keywords, and, most importantly, using advanced searching techniques to retrieve limited results containing the information they … read more »

Teach Bullying Prevention All Year Long

Last month was National Bullying Prevention Month, but educators know that bullying is an everyday issue. According to the NEA, it is the number one discipline problem in middle schools and a significant problem at all grade levels. So, how do we provide students with the safe and supportive climate for learning they deserve? Here … read more »