Celebrating the Grand Canyon’s 105th Anniversary: Unleashing Nature’s Wonders in Your Classroom

Did you know that on January 11th, 1919, the Grand Canyon achieved a historic milestone, transforming from a National Monument to a National Park? This pivotal transition showed a commitment to preserving and celebrating the canyon’s breathtaking beauty for generations to come. Another significance of this transition is that it embodies a higher level of … read more »

Save Time & Enhance Learning: A Guide to Time-Saving Resources on TeachersFirst

TeachersFirst offers many helpful free resources created and curated for educators by educators. Are you familiar with our OK2Ask workshops that cover timely topics to contribute to your professional learning goals? Do you use the TeachersFirst calendar to find resources for upcoming holidays and events? Have you discovered our special topics collections that save time … read more »

Using Retrieval Practice to Boost Student Learning

Retrieval Practice is a learning strategy that involves recalling information as a tool to improve learning and retention. First discussed by Hermann Ebbinghaus in his 1885 book Memory: A Contribution to Experimental Psychology, a more recent book, Retrieval Practice by Kate Jones, explores classroom applications and methods to use retrieval practice to boost student learning. … read more »

Let’s Talk About: Book Lovers Day

As we approach Book Lovers Day, an occasion to celebrate our shared passion for literature, it’s the perfect time to ignite the love for books in our students. In this digital age, where distractions are aplenty, let’s take this opportunity to unplug and immerse ourselves in the world of literature. Here are five ideas on … read more »

Back to School in Your Library!

It’s August, which means most school librarians are back to school or gearing up to be back to school! No one yet knows what this school year will bring. The past two years have looked very different from normal. Planning can re-energize you and your school library! Whether you use a checklist to stay on … read more »